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City Vernacular, version two, oil- SOLD

"winning design". . ."Lynne contributed to the sucess of this project by creating a one-of-a-kind work of art" . . ."She is professional in every way" . . ."the client was thrilled with her design". . .these were comments from the administrators for my recent (and largest) commission

Please feel free to drop me an email with your questions or comments, using the form at bottom of this page. Your email message is welcome! Enter a subject in the subject line, i.e. a title of a painting or request to be added to news list, etcetera .

Commissions are Accepted; please scroll down for the full details

Or, email me direct through the following link. Doubleclick the link twice and your email should popup with a new message titled 'Interested in your Artwork' and addressed to me. Double click H E R E

My email address is :

landestudio at yahoo dot com

or phone me at
530 219 2595 , 9 am to 5pm, PST.

Commission a unique, custom art piece or textile design!

Special Orders and Commissions: 
I've created commissioned designs and artwork for a variety of clients, in artwork, design projects and contemporary textiles. The latest commission was for an Arts Council for a large project and references for past commissions will be provided. Request information by email.